City Council Needs Environmental Champions

Aug 01, 2021

The City has developed a strong Energy Transition strategy, approved by Council in April 2021. Currently, Councillor Walters and Henderson sit on this committee and neither are seeking re-election. So, with a new Council set to take the reins in October, we need champions on Council willing to ensure we reach this goal.

When it comes to climate change, time is up. We’re now discussing climate adaptation and resilience. The decisions made by this next Council are going to be key in shaping not only our future, but the future for generations, including our children. 

This chart shows how important the next 5 years really are for reducing emission rates long-term. 

I recognize that there are going to be many tensions and trade-offs in the years to come. As a leader, I see the opportunity to create economic, social, and environmental value by achieving the goals set out in this strategy. Edmonton can be a leader in climate action that will attract new investment for generations to come. 

Environment is a key focus area of my platform. I will be a champion to get where we need, and set Edmonton up for a strong and sustainable future.

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