Edmonton's Bus Network Redesign

Jun 04, 2021

Last week, I took transit from my home in central Edmonton to the north side; all within Ward Anirniq. I haven't taken transit since the Bus Network Redesign was implemented and wanted to experience it first-hand. 

Here are a few of my key takeaways: 

- I really enjoy taking transit and want to get back to more transit trips as things continue to open up.  

- There are some concerns that need to be addressed: 

  1. The walking distance between stops and final destination. I had to walk 1 km after getting off the bus to my final destination. This is concerning for anyone with mobility limitations, that is carrying lots of items, or with little ones as a few examples. 
  2. The amount of transfers and the distance between stops and destinations can be concerning from a safety perspective, especially when it's dark. 
  3. The need for a smart phone/ data to navigate the system (on demand busses, the transit app). 
  4. Being able to not have to use transit during the pandemic is a privilege.

- The Bus Network Redesign has been implemented. Let's work with the system we have and make sure we are listening to feedback for continuous improvement and barrier removal. 

I want to acknowledge that this was just one experience on ETS and not a comprehensive review. I'd love to hear about your experiences using the new transit system. 

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