Let’s Talk: Sidewalks, Lights, and Road Repairs

Sep 11, 2021
Check my new video where I break-down Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Renewal (aka “Building Great Neighbourhoods”) and share my thoughts on how this program can be improved.
This is the city’s program to update sidewalks, lights, and roads.
- Property owners shouldn’t be required to pay 50% of sidewalk costs. For many, these costs place an incredible burden on households.
- The street light replacements set up to create “have” and “have-not” communities and put undue burden on volunteer leagues to do the engagement.
I want to be clear that core infrastructure for neighbourhoods should be the city’s responsibility, and not at additional costs to property owners who already pay their fair share in taxes. The Neighbourhood Renewal Program needs to be reviewed to ensure all neighbourhoods are receiving quality infrastructure.


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