My Commitment to Keeping Public Services Public

Sep 05, 2021

I’ve heard from many ward residents about their desire to see their taxes reflected in the services the City provides. Transit, waste removal, road clearing, recreation, water management, road and infrastructure repairs are services that are important to residents of Ward Anirniq.  

Privatization isn’t the answer. Simply, corporations get involved in delivering public services to make money and they’re accountable to their shareholders, not to the public. In contrast, public services have quality, accessibility, and effectiveness at the heart of their objectives - not profit. 

For example, public services have an obligation to provide services equally to people across different demographics and in all areas of the City. Case studies show that several municipalities across Canada have ended up bringing services back in-house because they could deliver the services for less.

I firmly believe the transfer of ownership from public to private hands will not reduce cost or enhance the quality of services, and in some cases, may actually reduce quality or access to services. I’ve outlined in my platform my goal of ensuring public services create good value by finding efficiencies within City Administration, while being clear on my commitment to keep public services public.

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