Ward Anirniq is our home. With my passion and background in Community Building and Public Engagement, I’m proud to present my platform created by our ward, for our ward. Thank you to the tens of thousands of residents I’ve connected with, and I will continue to reach out to folks from all walks of life.

I look forward to getting results for Ward Anirniq -- Let's work together to move forward, leading with compassion and creativity. 


Support Local

Stronger Communities

Environmental Focus

Quality City Services


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Support Local

Local Economy

We need to support local businesses to innovate, attract talent, and create good jobs by making it easier to do business. How can we do this?

  • Create rapid turnaround on permitting, licencing and inspections
  • Revitalize community business districts (eg; local strip malls)
  • Increase access to retail and amenities
  • Targeted support for new business
  • Increase tourism
  • Increase economic diversification potential

Local Growth

We can ensure our ward has the infrastructure we need for everyone - young, old, all abilities and all needs and everything in between. What does that mean?

  • Well-maintained sidewalks, alleyways and roads
  • Support more community-led endeavours, be they projects, groups or organizations
  • Make it easier and more affordable to improve community buildings and amenities through targeted granting and streamlined processes, especially where matching funds are available from other orders of government
  • Make neighbourhood plans relevant, responsive to resident feedback and reflective of community needs
  • Provide meaningful community consultation on upcoming revitalization projects and all City initiatives
  • Support neighbourhood social gathering spaces including development, maintenance and ongoing use
  • Support aging in place for seniors

Local Recovery from COVID

We can have a strong recovery that supports our ward. How do we move forward together?

  • Develop an inclusive COVID-19 Recovery plan that is equitable, based in action and focuses on a sustainable economy and the wellbeing of individuals and communities
  • Invest the right amounts in the right places to see a strong recovery that works for everyone and sets up our city for success

Stronger Communities

Community Safety

Every person in Edmonton has the right to feel safe. Creating safe, healthy communities requires neighbours, police, and community services all working together. What gets us there?

  • Allocate funds to community services and community-based efforts
  • Provide meaningful engagement and accountability for neighbourhood conflicts and bylaw infractions
  • Encourage crime prevention through design
  • Support the Community Safety Task Force recommendations
  • Support the Safe Mobility Strategy and safety for all, regardless of mode of transport
  • Scale up programs that include health and social workers on response calls 
  • Support harm reduction practices and addictions supports
  • Increase education for emergency preparedness

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

A safe and welcoming community has space for everyone. Supporting the needs of all Ward residents builds a meaningful life and healthy communities. What should we do?

  • Create development and zoning incentives for affordable housing options, including the missing middle 
  • Modify housing and homeless-serving systems for greater diversity and cultural appropriateness 
  • Ensure respect, dignity, and connection comes first in the City’s responses to homelessness
  • Work with other levels of governments and across sectors
  • Focus on breakdown prevention, housing first and rapid re-housing
  • Get serious about tackling poverty, food insecurity, mental health issues, and addictions

Building a Ward for Everyone

Communities are influenced by the built environment. How we build is as important as what we build. How do we make sure development serves our ward?

  • Support responsible infill development
  • Encourage active modes of transportation - walking, cycling, etc. 
  • Change City zoning bylaws to make living and building in Edmonton easier 
  • Preserve historically significant sites
  • Use universal design principles for City facilities, parks and services
  • Follow through on the City Plan
  • Support Child Friendly City

Involve All Residents in Building Ward Anirniq

Relational leadership doesn’t default to bureaucracy, protect the status quo, or stifle creativity. How do we do that?

  • Build relationships, strengthen connections and grow capacity for community-led solutions 
  • Hold City Administration accountable
  • Ensure City work is free from discrimination and is actively anti-racist 
  • Use engagements that values real, meaningful conversations, ensuring all citizens are heard and understood
  • Equity-seeking groups are involved in decision-making
  • Advance the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action for municipalities

Environmental Focus

The Future of Waste Management

Sustainable waste management now will prevent a bill we can’t afford in the future. What should we change?

  • Encourage the design of products and systems that minimize waste 
  • Reduce single-use plastics 
  • Eliminate food waste
  • Improve recycling and composting

Green Infrastructure

Investing in good infrastructure is key to ensuring the health of our City and responsible climate action. What can we do?

  • Prioritize northwest LRT line, electric buses, and other low emission transit. 
  • Improve energy efficiency in new buildings and retrofits 
  • Keep up our parks and recreation areas
  • Increase urban density and sustainable development
  • Preserve our river valley
  • Set and meet emission reduction targets within the council term (2021 - 2025)

Quality City Services

Money Management

We need a city with a healthy and balanced budget. Residents of our ward pay their fair share and deserve to see their tax dollars at work for them. What should we expect?

  • Get the job done right the first time
  • Use sustainable procurement to generate financial, environmental, and social value for every dollar spent
  • Reprioritize existing budgets to reflect community values and be comparable to other cities
  • Get debt spending under control

Increase Value for Service

You should see their taxes reflected in the services the City provides. Transit, waste removal, road clearing, recreation, water management, road and infrastructure repairs, all need to be delivered on time and on budget. How do we get that?

  • Keep public services public for strong oversight and equal access
  • Value and empower staff to find efficiency and provide quality services
  • Ensure public services create good value
  • Make our transit system more reliable, affordable, and safe
  • Ensure accountability for the Bus Network Redesign
  • Provide accessible and equitable services and spaces

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