This is Our Opportunity

Oct 07, 2021

Many have asked why I chose to run. In short, I felt there is a lot at stake and want to put my skills and experience forward as a new voice and representative for this ward.

It’s been a hard few years for many Edmontonians. We are seeing more polarization and a loss of hope with how overwhelming the challenges of today have become. This is why I was clear from the start that I wanted to run a campaign built on hope, solutions, and transparency.

I believe we can find common ground and solutions to move this city forward both as a council, with other levels of government, and within our communities. My platform is built on solutions for this ward, by this ward.
We can and must address multiple interconnected challenges.

This campaign I have demonstrated my values in action.

- Courage to say the hard things at the doors and online,
- Integrity by being clear with my values and positions,
- And creativity by pivoting during an ever-changing election and bringing forward ideas for how we can move forward.

I’ve been accessible via phone, email, social media, and on the doors. I'll continue to as a City Councillor.
I heard from many folks that they want a representative who cares, is connected, listens to their concerns, and takes action. You will see me in community, you will get responses, you will see actions that help, not hurt.


I urge you to vote for change so we can move forward together.
Here are the ways you can vote:

1. Special Ballot
You can request a Special Ballot for:
Absence from Edmonton, or
Being a Returning Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, Substitute Returning Officer, constable, candidate, official agent or scrutineer who may be at a voting station other than the one you're designated to vote at on Election Day.

You can apply for a special ballot package from Edmonton Elections. Then you'll receive the package via mail or in person pick-up. Complete the package and then return the package no later than Election Day.

2. Advance Voting
Edmonton Elections doesn't have a provision for folks who may need to isolate due to symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test on October 18. That makes Advance Voting especially prudent this year.
Advance Voting takes place from October 4 to 13, and that includes Thanksgiving Monday on October 11.
Ward Aniqniq Advance Voting location is: Caernarvon Community Hall - 14830 118 Street
You can vote between 1 pm - 7 pm.

3. Voting on Election Day - October 18
If you don't require a Special Ballot and don't make it out to the Advance Voting, have your say on Election Day on October 18. Find your voting station here.

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