Traffic Safety

Oct 11, 2021
I often get asked my thoughts on the 40km residential speed limit change, as well as automated photo radar, and I’ve listened to feedback from Ward Anirniq residents. The important factor in these conversations is community safety for residents.

I support the 40km speed limit change in residential areas because research shows the reduction is effective from a safety perspective; reducing speed by just 10km drastically decreases the chances of serious injury or death in the event of an accident. And I’ve heard loud and clear that road safety is important to Ward Anirniq. Reducing the speed limit is just one traffic calming measure to work towards safe streets for our children, friends, family, and neighbours.

Alternatively, research shows that automated photo radar doesn’t significantly increase safety. Therefore, I do not support automated photo radar and would be in favour of eliminating it.

Safety is a priority. When it comes to decision making, I’m committed to engaging with residents, hearing diverse perspectives, and reviewing research and data. Together let’s move forward to safer city.

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