Erin was born and raised in Alberta, she has lived in Edmonton for over 20 years. She currently resides in Ward Anirniq with her partner Rob, their two children, a cat named Olive, and a dog named Clover. 

With many years of public sector experience, Erin has worked hard to drive change from within. For the last 12 years Erin has focused her career on building community. She has worked with many diverse communities.  Erin has advocated for the rights of young people and LGBTQ2S+, supported public engagement on capital projects, and led a team dedicated to major issues like poverty and homelessness and equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Erin holds an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Human Geography, and a Masters of Arts (Community Development). Her community involvement includes several volunteer board positions including: fundraising, program and social chair positions.

She brings a wealth of professional knowledge and experience including: 

  • municipal budgeting and corporate planning 
  • capital infrastructure projects
  • project management 
  • policy and bylaw development
  • community development 
  • social planning 
  • strategic planning 
  • organizational change management 
  • communications and public engagement 
  • research and report development 
  • grant administration and contract procurement 
  • planning community events and celebrations 
  • inter-governmental relations

Putting Values to Work

As your city councillor I commit to leadership based on the following values.  These ideals form my approach to representation of Ward Anirniq.


It’s my promise that I’ll stay true to my values, working everyday to listen to what is important to those I represent. I’ll stand behind my decisions.

Working Together

On council, a councillor is one voice and one vote. No matter the differences that exist, I will build relationships with other members of Council, so that decisions are in the best interest of the people of Edmonton and Ward Anirniq.

I will work with all levels of government, administration, organizations, and community groups to make sure we’re improving Edmonton.


I will not shy away from hard decisions or hard conversations.


I will talk to Edmontonians to understand their struggles and to know their joys so that as a Councillor, I can help make decisions that help.


We can’t keep trying the same solutions and expecting different results. Building a City that works for everyone, through our recovery and beyond, means working with others and thinking differently.

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