Parking Fees at City Parks

Jun 22, 2021

I want to talk about why I am against the introduction of parking fees at key park locations around the city. My platform discusses the need for accessible and equitable services and spaces. This introduction of parking fees affects this goal and generates minimal revenue.  

Like many, I’m excited for the opportunities to make memories in the great park spaces throughout our River Valley, especially after the long year we just endured. Unfortunately, this is going to become more difficult for some people as early as Spring 2022 when the Reimagine Edmonton Plan adds parking fees to parks.

Accessibility matters and Edmonton must provide equal access to all citizens. Coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, park spaces are more important now than ever before for people to connect and engage with one another. 

When we reimagine the future of our city, we absolutely need to think about recovering costs and increasing efficiency. Yet, it must be with the lens of maintaining equal access to services and amenities. I'll make sure to ask critical questions about who will be affected and what the repercussions will be from these decisions. 

The future of our city should be a legacy of accessibility, equity, and financial stewardship. We will create that legacy with the decisions we make right now. Let's move forward, together, by leaving no one behind. 

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Jun 11, 2021

Erin wants to hear from you! Her campaign phone number is now up and running.

It's simple; Call 780-652-1135, leave a voicemail with your name/contact information/and a brief message, and your call will be returned within 72 hours! 

Edmonton's Bus Network Redesign

Jun 04, 2021

Last week, I took transit from my home in central Edmonton to the north side; all within Ward Anirniq. I haven't taken transit since the Bus Network Redesign was implemented and wanted to experience it first-hand. 

Here are a few of my key takeaways: 

- I really enjoy taking transit and want to get back to more transit trips as things continue to open up.  

- There are some concerns that need to be addressed: 

  1. The walking distance between stops and final destination. I had to walk 1 km after getting off the bus to my final destination. This is concerning for anyone with mobility limitations, that is carrying lots of items, or with little ones as a few examples. 
  2. The amount of transfers and the distance between stops and destinations can be concerning from a safety perspective, especially when it's dark. 
  3. The need for a smart phone/ data to navigate the system (on demand busses, the transit app). 
  4. Being able to not have to use transit during the pandemic is a privilege.

- The Bus Network Redesign has been implemented. Let's work with the system we have and make sure we are listening to feedback for continuous improvement and barrier removal. 

I want to acknowledge that this was just one experience on ETS and not a comprehensive review. I'd love to hear about your experiences using the new transit system. 

Hi, I'm Erin

May 27, 2021

Erin chats with Global News about doorknocking with the latest COVID-19 restrictions

May 21, 2021

Erin was recently featured on Global News to talk about leadership in our communities and the importance of setting the right examples. Check it out here:

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